Well, you've stumbled across yet again, ANOTHER Quentin Tarantino blog. I make .gifs, and edit photos, and I over-react over the greatness that is any film with Quentin's name on it. I regularly post all of the films he has made and also, but not limited to; films he has been inspired by, has named his favorites, or given the stamp of approval (Oldboy yaaaasssss). & Due to the fact that it's a film blog, there may be the occasional gifset of a film not really related to the theme of this page. Then of course, there will be a few messages here and there from my followers. Though the theme is QT, this is still a personal blog. So please don't let it bother you that you may see a random text post or photo here and there. I earn no compensation for keeping this page strictly Quentin and I like to interact with my followers and share my taste for other films as well as QT. So let us try and keep this a happy place and a drama free zone.

Peace, Love, & Fox Tail Butt Plugs <3
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Photoshop Users?

So I’m having the hardest fucking time trying to install this shit on my laptop. My computer used to be Windows 8 but then we had the company take it back down to Windows 7 so I don’t know if it has anything to do with it. 

I downloaded CS5 from yeahps and can’t fucking extract it. I downloaded Winzip and it’s giving me an empty folder every time I click to extract. Then there’s nothing I can do with the file in my downloads folder so I’m getting confused and super pissed.


Season four of Sailor Moon feels like a death sentence trying to get through it. You can’t just casually come down from a Uranus/Neptune/Pluto high like that and expect to be excited about this little bitch w/ the pink hair.

*sigh* only 36 episodes left until the return of the senshi that matter

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Christoph Waltz on the red carpet at the 86th Annual Academy Awards, March 2nd 2014

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