Well, you've stumbled across yet again, ANOTHER Quentin Tarantino blog. I make .gifs, and edit photos, and I over-react over the greatness that is any film with Quentin's name on it. I regularly post all of the films he has made and also, but not limited to; films he has been inspired by, has named his favorites, or given the stamp of approval (Oldboy yaaaasssss). & Due to the fact that it's a film blog, there may be the occasional gifset of a film not really related to the theme of this page. Then of course, there will be a few messages here and there from my followers. Though the theme is QT, this is still a personal blog. So please don't let it bother you that you may see a random text post or photo here and there. I earn no compensation for keeping this page strictly Quentin and I like to interact with my followers and share my taste for other films as well as QT. So let us try and keep this a happy place and a drama free zone.

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"im sorry i dont watch movies….. i watch films”


I hate to admit it, but I’m a little excited about 50 Shades of Grey. It’s the first time in years I’m gonna be able to watch a movie after reading the book. I mean, the book was garbage I’ll admit, but I’m happy. I’m disappointed w/ the CG actor cause I don’t think he’s hot enough to play him but whatevs

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"You’ll be my slave."

Which Tarantino film is your favorite?

Oh lordy, I’m not completely sure. I think I need to do a rewatch before I can properly answer this question. Every time I get it, I always get a little less sure of my answer. But off memory of the last time I watched them, I wanna say Django / Pulp but idk. I also always have so much fun watching Death Proof and Reservoir Dogs was the first Quentin film I fell in love w/ so I feel betrayed if I don’t say it’s my favorite. Oh the struggle.

I’m gonna create a photoset for each film along w/ a review type of thing and the order of my faves. I’ve been saying this for months but I think I’ll try to do it this week.

everyone is doing this “top 6 ___ photos” thing, i wanna do it. maybe i’ll do like a top 6 nudes thing idk