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Let’s Talk About; The Godfather Part III:

If you take away the fact that this film is supposed to be related to the other Godfathers, it’s not so terrible. 
Pros; Al Pacino. The flashbacks. The death scenes (and we all know which one we were most excited to see).
Cons; The incest. Kay being a bitch. The incest. Sofia Coppola’s acting. The incest. Michael getting shot. Oh, and did I mention the incest?

That’s pretty much it to be honest. That’s the movie. Michael donates money. They go to Sicily. Michael’s daughter is fucking her cousin and when he makes her break up w/ him she gets him shot (let’s be real we’re all thinking it). He doesn’t wanna be involved in all that bad shit anymore and Andy Garcia uses a guy as a human shield. 

That’s pretty much as far as my in depth analysis of The Godfather Part III goes because anybody who’s seen it, knows that there isn’t shit else to say. 

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